HOW SHE MADE HERSELF A BOSS, which launched February of 2018, is an annual conference designed to take business newbies from the dreaming stage to the doing stage!

Meeting new people is great and getting empowered to follow your dreams is even better, but many are still left without the fundamental tools and knowledge to actually get started in launching that product or service to consumers. That is where this workshop comes in! Not only is it jam-packed with information, but all attendees are guaranteed to be left with the resources to take home and get started immediately on their “GirlBoss” goals!

How She Made Herself a Boss is a collective idea developed by Shi Crawley of Girls Like Us and Bri Michelle Onley of FabAmbitious.

Bri Michelle
Organizer/ Owner of FabulousAmbitious
Bri Michelle Onley is a go-getter who believes boundaries are just stepping stones to great success. Also a part-time entrepreneur, Bri is an ambitious girl driven to help other women reach their personal business goals according to THEM. She wears many hats as she is a blogger, photographer, and a new youtube personality. She is also the founder of her site set to relaunch on 1/1/2018: FabulousAmbitious.com, an online community consisting of both new and experienced girl bosses! The site provides a resource to connect, promote, and educate women in business at it offers social media style profiles, a business director, event directory, specialized groups, and a blog, all at the fingertips of anyone with a wifi connection!
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Shi Crawley
Organizer/ Owner of GIRLS LIKE US
Shinika (Shi) Crawley is your accountability partner who will help you make your dreams possible with no excuses! A part time entrepreneur now making moves, she shows women how they can make their dreams happen. Shinika started her own social Organization March 2017 called Girls Like Us which helps women in her community take their ideas to side hustles and side hustles to businesses by giving them tools, socials, and workshops that will help them bring their vision to life with fun and supporting women by their side. So, if you ready to be held accountable and have a bunch of a girls Like us supporting you, Contact Shi for more information at https://www.meetup.com/Girls-Like-Us/ or email Girlslikeus27@gmail.com
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