Sometimes when we’re watching our guilty pleasure shows like Basketball Wives, Love & HipHop and all those shows (lol) we hardly see women collaborating or even working together to accomplish something. (I wonder why? must not be good ratings lol) It’s like they don’t want the world to see women collaborating at all, let me find out were only good at talking slick and fighting (SMH)

It’s nothing more powerful than women collaborating, despite what Vh1 and other networks are showing.  Do you know of the HUGE impact you can make on the people your reaching out to and the message your sending to those listening?

When you collaborate, you’re showing a uniting front that can’t be broken, how two strong women can come together showcasing their talent but shining together. You know speaking one language

What’s better than one Billionaire? TWO – Jay Z Family Feud


What’s better than one Girl Boss? TWO -Shi Real Talk


Collaboration simply means working together to create something great! Taking your talents and expertise and combining them all together to create that special sauce with another person.

While you’re collaborating It’s fun and makes the impossible… possible. You can learn new and better ways to do things in your own business.  A collaborative relationship can not only open the door to new opportunities, but it can make you a more well-rounded person, a better team player and more successful.

And who doesn’t want to be successful

Now that’s the power of collaboration!