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The MadeHerselfABoss Conference has built a reputation of bringing the best in the business of business directly to their audience. We work hard to become the number one resource for aspiring female business owners to learn, apply, and thrive! Since the MadeHerselfABoss conference is the highlight of our many events done throughout the year, we hold the title of “Conference Speaker” as the most prestigious partnership we offer! Being one of our MHAB speakers means having the opportunity to educate and change minds which essentially changes lives!



  • Exposure of yourself and your business to our specific audience

  • Promotion of your brand across over 2k combined social media following

  • Recorded copy of your presentation  provided to your for your own promotional needs

  • Full list of leads : those who attended, showed interest, and interacted with the conference in any way

  • We are open for discussion of further compensation


Business Law 101
– Must be well educated in local state law regarding how one can establish themselves and protect themselves as a legal business entity. (Preferably lawyers would be perfect)

Branding and Marketing 101
  Must be well educated on how on can brand their business. Must be able to give examples and present. Must be well educated on how one can market their business/ explain strategy. Must be able to give examples and present

Customer Care 101
– Must be able to explain the concepts of customer service within your business, keeping customers happy, and keeping them as buyers

Business Finance 101
– Must be well educated on how one can establish business accounts, create business credit, prepare for taxes, understand insurance for business, learn how to itemize business expenses, and more.

Event Host 101
– Must be able to deliver introductions of the conference, the founders, and each speaker. Must be able to help keep the event running on schedule (timekeeper according to the itinerary), must have a welcoming personality. Preferably a business owner themselves who can share a brief encouraging testimony to the audience.

When applying to be a host please create a video and upload it on youtube unlisted and send us the link to view in your application.

In your video please answer the following questions less than 3 min: 

 Introduce who you are and what you do. 

Why are you the perfect choice to be the host?

How do you keep the energy up in a room?


Other Requirements:
(Excluding the host)

• Able to provide visual as well as a spoken presentation to the audience.  Ex: PowerPoint and/or handouts ( we will print out materials for you)
• Willing to have a 30-minute meet and greet with VIP attendees scheduled into the event
• Must be an actual business owner yourself
• Must be willing to do 15 online interviews (IG Live) to promote the conference.