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he Ultimate Picnic Experience For Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Prepare, Plan, & Profit In Their Business

The community you’re in will dictate the cash you make!

Yes, you heard us! The rooms you’re investing, learning, growing, networking, and being called to your next level will dictate your desired result(s) It’s about being in proximity to greatness. And your next room is at The Bossy Picnic.

When you are in community your thoughts are being challenged, you learn that you are not alone in your journey, you’re collaborating with others for a bigger impact, you are strengthening your mindset, and the money maker within you is being called out.

It’s in the Outside room at the picnic, where you’ll meet your community that won’t allow you to be anything less but GREAT.




We are calling you out! Your Money Making business is waiting for you.

But you’re downplaying your brilliance and greatness which causes you to procrastinate, feel like you don’t have enough time, self-sabotage, undercharge, stay in fear, not invest in what will help you and second guess who you are called to be.

It’s not enough for you to believe that you are worthy and deserving but to embody it NOW.. while being in rooms where you are edified and elevated.

Because What You Desire Is Your Birthright!

Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs grow their business quickly while you’re not experiencing the same momentum even though you know that you provide the best solution to a problem?

It’s because they understand the life-changing formula to grow and profit massively. And they understood the power of community. It’s about having access to the right framework that works for you and your business. (Structure, Systems, Strategy, Support). It’s not about hustling or grinding, it’s about being clear, being in the community, and taking consistent action on the right strategies and boss mindset to increase your growth.

And please know not all growth in financial, AND it can be the growth you need to experience consistent cash flow.