Khalia Deborah

Khalia Deborah is an award-winning Certified Solution-Focused Life & Transformational Coach who holds a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Accounting & Finance. She is the owner of Khalia Deborah Coaching and the Founder of The Dreams To Founder Non-Profit Organization. She has helped hundreds of people navigate through the challenges in this crazy thing called life and unpack the gaps of where they currently are versus where they want to be. Along with life coaching, Khalia helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals grow in various ways! She works with clients to strategize and develop successful action plans to take their business or business idea to the next level.

Through her own journey of working for the largest provider of mutual funds and failing miserably, taking 10 steps back, navigating motherhood while her personal life had its own challenges, she found herself running into many roadblocks that stunted the growth of her business ventures and professional life. It became very apparent to Khalia that in order to build a business that will have a great impact on this world she had to get her life, inside and out, together FIRST! So, when people ask, “why is she a life and business coach”, she explains how important it is to make sure the leaders of this world take care of themselves before they pour into the lives of others. What is within eventually comes out and Khalia wants to pour greatness out every chance she gets. Due to this, Khalia has been on a mission to help others evaluate their lives, adjust what is needed, understand their skills and how to apply them to business and strategize an action plan for the next level of their lives, personally and professionally!

Featured on FOX29, iHeartradio, and more, Khalia Deborah is here to serve and help others transform their lives then turn around and use what they have to offer to help someone else.