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Manifest your vision, multiply your money, & Move into your next level

APRIL 13, 2024 | Wilmington DE

Did you know that the average black women business owner makes $24,000 a year in their business

Doesn’t that bother you?

Ask yourself: “Is this the life I envisioned for myself?” No, right? That’s what we thought too, and we’re here to shake things up.

This is the year that women are taking their business seriously by getting clear to get paid and by the clients who excite them while building a business that serves them financially and defies the statistics.

And now it’s your turn!

Let this year be the year that you are no longer the world’s best-kept secret as you become the “go-to” expert in your industry.  It’s time to master your messaging, marketing, and money that allows you to have a massive impact & increase in your business!

Here’s how you’ll know if madeherslefaboss live is the right event for you 

You need to be here if you are experiencing any one of these 

  • Inconsistent cashflow slow traction
  • Undercharging & Undercutting for your brilliance 
  • The people who need you cant find you 
  • Not in rooms where your next level is present 
  • If you can’t speak to the numbers and feel nervous around sales 
  • Potential clients confused on what you do 
  • You find it a challenge to stand out amongst the many 
  • You’ve been googling your business together  as a strategy 
  • They ask you for advice all the time but they don’t seem to have the funds to pay
  • Allowing the stories you tell yourself to keep you stagnant 
  • Knowing that this year will be your best year yet
  • You are done with living up to your lowest potential 

If one or more than half these are true for you, then you belong in this room. Time to change how you show up and do business.

 It’s time for you to manifest, multiply and move into your next level in your business! And why would you do it alone? You will be in community with female entrepreneurs who are already and all becoming  money making CEOs

This is a call to the money maker that’s within you, we know she’s in there, bring her to the front. We know how it feels to know what you offer is great but no one knows it and no one is buying consistently …

That can mess with your confidence and your ability to grow your business. Shoot if we’re being honest it can have you start second-guessing yourself, your gifts, and your brilliance.

Can we be the reminder that there is no one like you, you are worthy and deserving of the business you have started and will continue to grow! Now, let this event finetune what’s already there to take you to the next level to fund your freedoms.

Now we know you aren’t growing your business just to make money, It’s always more than just the money however, in order for you to be the change you want to see, you will need some consistent change (cha-ching) to make things happen. Having the right strategy will amplify your brilliance and attract the clients you are called to serve!  No strategy is one size fits all, so it’s important to have clarity so you know what makes sense to you and your business. 

And that’s what we will get into at
 Made Herself A Boss Live 

Bri and Shi Hosting She's Connected Networking Event

To truly build a business that serves you and impacts more you are going to need 

Structure – Clarity on who you serve, the problem you solve and the clear solution you provide 

Strategy – Clear messaging that cuts through the noise and makes you the obvious choice and marketing where you become omi present found by those who need you consistently 

Clear packages, offers and price points to hit those figure months you desire consistently 

Support – Community and coaching to keep you encouraged and hold you accountable and to push you outside your comfort zone.  

Systems –  to buy your time back to avoid burnout and overwhelm as you manage your time to success And to Create the plan so you know what you need to do to grow your business.

We can never forget about the foundation that makes all of these happen your mindset!

This is the event that will produce figure-earning experts, coaches, consultants and so much more 

 There are going to be 3 things you’ll need to start your business…


We’ve all been to events that make us feel good but are still questioning how to make it happen. This event isn’t one of those, you will truly get your questions answered when we do hot seats business makeovers, and huddles 

You will not leave without having your money-making plan together, so you can start executing your goals without the hustle


You will be around entrepreneurs who are ambitious just like you and want to impact people and their pockets 

Being amongst people who want to see you succeed and not throw shade is what always happens in our community. Making it easy to connect & collaborate while building long-lasting relationships that will change your life


You will get a full day of training, Q& A, and implementation time to start right away.

We’ll Cover…
Planning your figures roadmap 
Backing into the number
pricing your offers

Support: Get answers, not just inspiration. Leave with a solid, actionable plan.

Synergy: Join a community of ambitious entrepreneurs who uplift and empower.

Syllabus: A full day of intensive training, Q&A sessions, and implementation parties.

Let’s break down full event 

Part 1 –  The vision, support and strategy 

  • Intention setting for your life and business
  • Shifts needed to see success and sustain it
  • Getting clear to position yourself as the expert 
  • Create messaging that resonates and attracts your ideal client  (talk that talk)

Part 2 – Creating the plan  

  • Pricing for profit 
  • Crafting your main offers 
  • Learn the systems you need to streamline 
  • Creating your action plan 

You belong in this room! 

It’s the expectation for us! 

Here’s what you can expect as an attendee of ours  

Empowerment is great but it won’t last forever, for here at Madeherselfaboss Live event we are here to equip you with the  tools, strategies, and support you need to elevate your business. We are here to help you get clear to create a plan that leads to success 

Why Settle for Just Motivation When You Can Have Transformation?

This event stands out because…
e focus on actionable steps, not just stories.
You’ll be ale to leave with a clear, executable plan! 
Our community is about collaboration, not competition.
Our sessions challenge and change you.

MadeHerselfABoss LIVE teaches tangible steps to take back to see growth in your business & provides you will a playbook for you to create the plan and leverage when the event is over. We’re Intentional about community and creating an atmosphere where attendees feel safe seen and heard. This event offers powerful sessions that will challenge you to step into the money making CEO you already are!


You’ll leave with:

  • A detailed plan that outlines how to get to the next level so that you continue the year with clarity and confidence 
  • More relationships, friendships and collaborators that will hold you accountable, never let you settle and build alongside you. 
  • Clarity and confidence around your audience and offers at a price point that excites you 
  • The ability to be seen and heard in the marketplace consistently by those you were called to serve. 

Is this the right event for you?

Quick Faqs

Who is this event for and why should I attend?

This event is for our experts, coaches and all service providers who are ready yo get clear in order to increase their impact and income ‘

During this 2 day live event Team Maadeherselfaboss will cover topics like, Mindset, strategy, marketing, messaging, content, launching and so much more. We are dedicated to all attendees feeling more confident in making a bigger impact with their gifts, charging more, attracting clients that excites them, 

What if I can’t attend?

If you cannot attend please let us know right away you have 2 options 

  1. Transfer your ticket to someone else to attend 
  2. Receive a credit to use for any other Madeherselfaboss offers for up to 6 months


A note fromy your hosts
Bri and Shi wearing black owned business tshirt

Dear Money – Maker,

We asked and you told! After hearing that so many of you still find it difficult to make the consistent money in your business that you know it deserves, we were all too excited to put together an event addressing those key issues. 
Please join us for an in-person experience as we walk you through building your vision, your strategy, your support system to hold it all together, and your plan to follow for success.

We can’t wait to see you there! 

Event Cancellation Policy: All sales are final and no refunds will be granted.

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