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Your 2-day Pathway to Clarity, Confidence, and Cash for the next year.

Are You Ready to Get Clear, Get Seen, and Get PAID?

What we do know is that you’re an entrepreneur with passion, creativity, and a service that can genuinely change lives. But let’s get real—you’re overwhelmed. Your message is drowning in the noise, and the profits are not where you want them to be. AND not many people are buying from you.

So many incredible women entrepreneurs like you have groundbreaking services But without the right audience or clear messaging, they remain the world’s best-kept secrets. Sound familiar?

Did you know…

  • 90% of female entrepreneurs feel they’re not effectively reaching their target audience. (Source: Female Entrepreneurship Study 2022)
  • Clear messaging can increase conversion rates by up to 200%. (Source: Marketing Messaging Analysis 2023)

Imagine if you could speak directly to your audience’s heart, address their problems, and offer them clear, irresistible solutions… 

What would that do for you? 

Every successful entrepreneur knows the power of understanding her audience. 

But do you? 

77% of businesses attribute their success to audience clarity. Step into this course and tap into that power!




A transformative 2-day live intensive designed with YOU in mind. This isn’t just another event. This is a  2 day intensive   where you will be Getting clear for your next year, defining your audience, marketing your services and making money. This is your path to empowerment, clarity, and the income you deserve.

 Diving deeper into the problem and offering, Positioned to Get Paid as a concrete solution can resonate more powerfully with potential participants. Here’s an enhanced breakdown:

The Deep-Rooted Problem:

Every day, countless women entrepreneurs wake up with a burning passion, an unrivaled drive, and a product or service they believe can change lives. But instead of a stream of eager clients, they face a lack of engagement which means a lack of sales.

Look We Get it, It wasn’t too long ago when we…

Poured energy into marketing, only to feel they’re shouting into a void, hearing their own echo rather than connecting with ideal clients.

Had a vision, and a purpose, but every time we tried to articulate it, the message seemed diluted, unclear, or simply failed to relate.

Lacked clarity on our audience and offer that led to self-doubt. Questions like “Is my service even valuable?” or “Am I cut out for this?” became normal thoughts

Had no clear direction or understood the right audience, our businesses couldn’t progress. It feels like being on a treadmill – moving but not going anywhere.

Does any of this sound painfully familiar? You’re not alone.

What we do know is that in order to get paid you must be seen and heard and in order for that to happen you must get clear.

Stacey Yates Testimonial

Here’s how you are doing to get paid!

By clearly defining your audience, you’ll know exactly where to find them and how to speak their language. Say goodbye to scattered strategies and hello to purposeful, targeted marketing.

We’ll guide you in crafting a message so clear and compelling that it cuts through the noise, making your audience sit up and take notice.

By helping you get clear on the problem you solve and the solution you provide, your confidence will skyrocket. When you have this level of clarity, you’ll stand tall, knowing the immense value you bring.

With clear positioning, you’ll shift from stagnation to elevation. Watch your business transform as you align with your audience and offer them a solution they’ve been craving.


Now that sounds better right?


Join ‘Positioned to Get Paid’ and Experience the Shift:

Let’s talk about what is inside this course for you

Day 0 – Pre-work

 – Clarity pre-work
 – Quick key messages 
 – 90 min group clarity session Virtual  

Day 1 – Envision & Get Clear

 – Big Year Vision & Real CEO Talk
 – Getting clear on your audience, the problem you solve, and the solution you provide 
 – Power statement + 3 key messages

Day 2 – Creating The Plan

 – Planning out your next year per quarter
 – Pricing, packaging, promoting, and positioning
 – Mapping. out your offers to get tot he sale
– Business development and follow up process

• Access to our exclusive community of like-minded women.
Network, Share, and Grow Together!
• 30 days of accountability after the 2-day intensive + 2 Q&A Calls. 

Are You Ready to:

– Plan for your best year yet
– Own your message and broadcast it with confidence?
– Truly understand and connect with your audience?
– See tangible growth in your business and bank account?


You might be wondering, “Is ‘Positioned to Get Paid’ really the right fit for me and my business?”

For the Startup Maven: Just starting out? Perfect! Build on a strong foundation from day one. Don’t spend years trying to figure out your audience and message. Let’s nail it right away.

For the Established Businesswoman: Been in the game for a while but feel you’ve hit a plateau? This course will give you the refresh and pivot you might need. Reconnect with your audience, refine your message, and reignite your passion.

For the part time business boss: Juggling a 9-5 while building your empire? Become laser-focused on who you serve and how you serve them, making the most of every moment you invest in your business.

For the Skeptic:Not sure if another online course is what you need? Here’s our promise: ‘Positioned to Get Paid’ isn’t just about theory. It’s about actionable steps, tailored strategies, and real results. Plus, with our supportive community, you’ll never feel like you’re navigating this journey alone.

Remember, it’s not about where you start but how you position yourself along the way. And we’re here to ensure that positioning is primed for success.


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Event Cancellation Policy: All sales are final and no refunds will be granted.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our event and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.