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We Guide Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Yes! There are enough seats at the table, but not all money-making bosses are the same!

Whether you are new to the table and are just starting your business, or already seated but just looking to grow your sales, we have a customized plan for you!

Watch the video to find out what type of Boss you are!

so Which Boss Are you?

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Let’s Make Sure of Your Boss Type …. 

Are you Stephanie?

Stephanie knows deep down inside that she is destined for more than what her day to day is offering right now. Though her life is considered to be “normal’ she definitely has an ambitious side.

She works a 9-5 which allows her to take care of her basics and maybe have a bit of fun on the side. It pays her job cuts her a check but that is the only reason why she shows up because it just doesn’t excite her. In fact, while she’s at work she

daydreams waking up and doing what she loves everyday, whether that be being creative, selling a product she knows people will love, making content, helping others, or doing something she likes to do for others and being able to get paid for it… Paid NICELY at that!

Though what she has to offer is unique, she’s seen others be able to make money doing what she wants to do, but deep down there is a fear that “it just wouldn’t work out for her” like it has for others. Even if she did find the time between work, family, friends, and bae along with the courage to finally bet on herself and move forward, she doesn’t know where the heck to start…

“Okay, I thought of a great business name, made a cute logo on Canva and made an instagram page for it, but now what?!”

This Beginner Boss knows that she is destined for greatness and that HER version of success could be down the road for her, she just needs to know how to get started in the right direction.


Are You Makayla?

Makayla has already taken some steps and it safe to say that her friends and family know that she is selling something.  Most likely she is still working her 9-5 but already mentally has her foot out of the door! 

She knows that if she just made a bit more money selling her product or service, she would be out of there in a heart beat! She has vision boards and journal entries telling her this THIS IS THE YEAR and she has an idea of what life could look like … if only she made more money. 

The sales are not consistent and though it gets discouraging at times, she is willing to finally do what she has to in order to step it up. Making posts on the gram and having a nice link in bio is cute but people seem to be just looking and not buying for the most part. 

Makayla is no quitter though!
She’s knows she was meant to be successful and she is tired of playing it small!