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There’s never been a better time than
to start your business!

Would you like to know exactly what it will take to get started today without hustling hard?

 Let us show you how to build a business that not only changes your bank account but your entire life!!! Ya heard me Doing what you love and being able to fire your full-time job. 

Yes, girl you heard us! You are about to learn how to never worry about growing your business again!
Discover the 6 pillars you need to have in place to get started. In this toolkit, you learn top tools and strategies that will help you generate cash in your bank account. 

Can we tell you our story?

We started our business not knowing a lot but the skills we had. I mean…You couldn’t tell us anything, we were ready to take over the world and impact lives. We were smart, creative, and risk-takers and had a real passion for helping women conquer their goals by starting a business.

And with all of that, we still struggled (SMH) We just didn’t know what we didn’t know.

When we were really trying to get our business started off the ground or get some guidance. We couldn’t find any resource ANYWHERE

And what we did find didn’t truly help us for what we were trying to do. 

Now, don’t get us wrong, there was tons of noise and even more “experts” CLAIMING to have the goods on how to help us to start our business and truly make money, but everything we purchased was just that… and we still felt lost on what to do next.

As we juggled working full-time at our day jobs and balancing personal life there were times we went months without doing things in our business. I guess you can say we felt lost, defeated, and didn’t know how to start a business with a strong foundation to make more money.  

Fast Forward 

We were able to invest in the true transformation we wanted and get MAdeherselfaboss off the ground and running. 

We are committed to you reading this to never feel how we felt when just starting that we decided to create the Start Your Biz Toolkit 

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is the ONLY RESOURCE YOU NEED If you ready to start a business that will give you the life you truly desire.
The start your biz toolkit includes 

The Start Your Biz toolkit includes


  • 7 trainings on the 6 pillars to start your business
  • Worksheets for you 
  • Our start your business growth cheat sheet so you know EXACTLY what you’ll need to make money in your business
Stacey Yates Testimonial

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