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(The Brand)

We are a  Brand supporting existing and future female entrepreneurs Just Like You! 

Through conferences, networking events, workshops, and more, let us be your number one resource to help you Make Yourself A BOSS!


Madeherselfaboss  started as just women women learning about starting a business and wanting to share what they’ve learned. What was meant be a simple workshop, blossomed into a unique and educational conference featuring some of the best in the business of “business”!  Now held at the start of every year, each conference offers the key components every girl boss needs to be familiar with when starting her own brand:  Business Law, Branding/Marketing, and Finance. Meeting new people is great and getting empowered to follow your dreams is even better, but many are still left without the fundamental tools and knowledge to actually get started in launching that product or service to consumers. That is where this and our other events come in! Not only are they fun, but they leave  attendees effective tools to take home and get started immediately on their “GirlBoss” goals!



Shift the way you think though education, encouragement, and resources. Change that “maybe I can” attitude into a “I can do this” attitude!


MadeherselfaBoss brings you the tools, the experts, and the opportunities to put what you’ve learned into immediate action


Throughout the year, Madeherselfaboss holds women accountable though our follow-up events, interactive content, and our exclusive Facebook group!

We believe in you and you aren’t in this alone! 

Meet the Creators


Made Herself a Boss is a collective
idea developed by Shi Crawley of Girls Like Us
Bri Michelle Onley of FabAmbitious.