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Are You Ready To Enter?


Madeherselfaboss is known for its events curated to bring Girl Bosses in our community together by making sure they have the tools to become the powerhouses they want to be. Through learning, networking, and empowerment, Madeherselfaboss pushes every woman to execute their ideas.

Now that we’re connecting virtually, we thought it only right to create a spin-off of the highly successful Virtual Boss week and bring to you now the Boss House series!


So, Why do we call it the boss house?

Besides the obvious fact that most of us have been staying home in order to practice social distancing, a house is where you live,  belong, have a sense of security, and make your own. From our “house” to yours, this is also a place to learn, grow, and be authentically you!

The invitation

We invite you inside our virtual boss house where for three hours we’ll learn from leading female entrepreneurs in our community and network while catching some good vibes. We focus on how you can better your business by way of bettering yourself within this series.

On June 6, 2020 from 1-4 pm, the event will feature conversations between MHAB founders Bri & Shi and other female entrepreneurs about a series of relevant topics. There will be dialog about pivoting your business in a pandemic, maintaining your mental health while on stay-at-home order, and dealing with conflict while in close quarters with others. Also, we will discuss how to have faith in your business,  how to create ads, and how to be creative in times of uncertainty.

As a special treat,  we’re hosting a  speed networking session and featuring some amazing vendors to shop from!

The Boss House wouldn’t be complete without the right music! Enjoy the vibes while our female DJ keeps us in a #BossMood all Day! 

Girl Gang Just Like Beyonce!!!!