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Bossy  Trainings

This entire experience is to help you shift your mind to make more money in your business and help you network with a purpose. 

Watch each training and apply what you’ve learned to The Bossy Picnic and your everyday life.

Our purpose was to make sure you had everything you needed to be prepared for the event! 

Here are Your trainings:

Power Statement

Learn how to create you statement that help you tell people what you do who you help and the problem you solve in 30 sec or less 

Networking That

Leads to Cash

Learn networking strategies that help you build relationships that lead to cash 

The power of the move

Learn how you can be seen and heard over the noise in the marketplace so that the people that need you can find you. #marketing

Now that you have watched the trainings and started executing, below are your next steps:

  1. Invite a friend, you don’t want to experience this transformation alone. Who is a great person you can invite? For every person, you invite, you will be entered in a drawing for (x prize)
  2. Don’t forget to complete your Attendee quick sheet (if you Haven’t already
  3. Share your attendee badge and tag us (Madeherselfaboss) on Instagram or Facebook to share your excitement!


We can’t wait to see you!
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