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Building Businesses  That Increases Your Clarity, Confidence, & Cashflow To position you to be the CEO of your company

Create Your Systems of Success

Building a foundation that allows you to structure your business to make the money.

Is your business in order? Or did you just do what was necessary to get started?

It’s nothing wrong with getting started, we are actually applauding you! Now that you have started let’s get you in the mindset and moving like a CEO… Building systems

No matter where you are in your business you must have a solid foundation for it.

Systems are the new success!

We want to help you understand what’s necessary to have a solid foundation when starting or growing a business and what needs to be in place to be successful.

During this workshop, we will go over the 6 systems you need to have in place to grow your business.

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get your systems together
  • Have you said to yourself “I’m doing this by myself”, or “I’m unsure on what to do next I need some guidance” When it comes to starting or growing your business?
  • Are you tired of seeing the vision of your business in your head then you look at your reality and wonder why you’re not there yet?
  • Or maybe are unsure how to build your business up to have systems that bring in sales to be an impactful company:

Does this sound like a lot to you?

It did for us, we remember when “we didn’t know what we didn’t know” and because of that we missed out on sales or how to best represent ourselves in the marketplace. More importantly, we didn’t know how to operate in our vision point treating our business as if it was already a 6-figure company. Making decisions from that standpoint versus feeling like a brand-new entrepreneur.

Look It doesn’t have to be that way for you,

That’s where Team Madeherselfaboss comes in.

Whether you started a few seconds ago or have been doing this for a little while we are here to help you build systems that will help you get to the next money milestone your desiring while building an impactful company

This workshop is not for everyone …


 This is for:

Starter and established business over who are stuck or unsure on what to do next 

Or even what to do first. 

Starter(0-1year) or budding ( 1-5 years) 


This is not for:

For people who are not serious about scaling or taking their business to the next level. 

A seasoned entrepreneur 



  • To Learn the 6 systems that build a profitable business
  • Leave knowing what you need to do next for your business
  • Have clarity on your first steps and next steps to build a business

Here’s What Other Women Have Said About MadeHerselfABoss Events…



Brittany Onley and Shinika Crawley are the founders of Madeherselfaboss, two amazing bosses that combined 10 years of knowledge and experience are using their platform to help women Start and Grow businesses Period.

Shi loves helping others realize the potential within themselves and how to increase sales in their business.  Bri enjoys helping women build brands that make bank and designing for bosses that want to communicate their value.

As you can see these women are all about you realizing your boss potential, giving women tangible steps to get started while holding you accountable, and Teaching you the strategies to grow your business. They do all of this through Social gatherings, Annual conferences, and an implementation getaway Called Her Werkation, They are your number one resource to help you Make Yourself A BOSS!